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Recent articles

  1. Kairamkonda, S, Nongthomba U., 2018. Beadex, a Drosophila LIM domain only protein, function in follicle cells is essential for egg development and fertility. Experimental cell research, 367(1), 97-103. PMID: 29580687
  2. Ruchi J, Nongthomba U., 2017. Knock down of Calcineurin-B2, a calcium binding regulatory subunit of Calcineurin, gives rise to hypercontraction myopathy in indirect flight muscles of Drosophila through dysregulation of calcium homeostasis. . link
  3. Katti P, Thimmaya D, Madan A, Nongthomba U., 2017. Over-Expression of miRNA-9 Generates Muscle Hypercontraction Through Translational Repression of the Troponin-T in Drosophila Indirect Flight Muscles. G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics, 7(10): 3521-3531. PMID: 28866639
  4. Madan, A., Thimmaiya, D., Franco-Cea, A., Aiyaz, M., Kumar, P., Sparrow, J. C., & Nongthomba, U., 2017. Transcriptome analysis of IFM-specific actin and myosin nulls in Drosophila melanogaster unravels lesion-specific expression blueprints across muscle mutations. Gene, 631: 16-28. PMID: 28739398

  5. Haddadi M., Jahromi S. R., Nongthomba U., Shivanandappa T. and Ramesh S. R., 2016. 4-Hydroxyisophthalic Acid from Decalepis hamiltonii rescues the neurobehavioral deficit in transgenic Drosophila model of Taupathies.  Neurochemistry International, 100: 7890. PMID: 27615061
  6. Tamreihao k., Ningthoujam D. S., Nimaichand S., Elangbam E., Reena P., Singh S. H., Nongthomba U., 2016. Biocontrol and plant growth promoting activities of a Streptomyces corchoresii strain UCR3-16 and preparation of powder formulation for application as biofertilizer agents for rice plant. Microbiological Research, 192: 260-270. PMID: 27664745

  7. Sinam Y. M., Chatterjee A., Ranjini M. S., Poojari A., Nagarajan A., Ramachandran N. B. and Nongthomba U., 2016. A newly evolved Drosophila Cytorace-9 shows trade-off between longevity and immune response. Infection, Genetic and Evolution, 44: 1-7. PMID:27306321 

  8. Chatterjee A., Roy D., Patnaik E. and Nongthomba U., 2016. Muscles provide protection during microbial infection by activating innate immune response pathways in Drosophila and Zebrafish. Disease Models & Mechanisms, 9: 697-705.
  9. Rai M., Katti P. and Nongthomba U., 2016. Spatio-temporal coordination of cell cycle exit, fusion and differentiation of adult muscle precursors by Drosophila Erect wing (Ewg). Mechanisms of Development, 141: 109-18. PMID:27039019
  10. Rasmi C. K., Madhangi M., Nongthomba U. and Partha Mondal, 2016. Curtailed light sheet microscopy for rapid imaging of macroscopic biological specimens. Microscopy Reasearch and Technique, 79: 455-458. PMID: 27059099
  11. Haddadi M., Nongthomba U., Jahromi S. R. and Ramesh S. R., 2016. Transgenic Drososophila model to study Apolipoprotein E4-induced neurodegeneration. Brain Behavoiur Research, 301:10-18. PMID:26706888
  12. Devi A. L. L., Nongthomba U. and Bobji M. S., 2016.  Quantitative characterization of adhesion and stiffness of corneal lens of Drosophila melanogaster using Atomic Force Microscopy.  Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials, 53:161-73. PMID: 26327451
  13. Kumar R. P., Roopa L., Nongthomba U. Mohammed M. M. S. and Kulkarni N., 2016.  Docking, molecular dynamics and QM/MM studies to delineate the mode of binding of CucurbitacinE to F-actin. Journal of Molecular Graphics and Modelling, 63: 29-37. PMID:26615469
  14. Haddadi M., Nongthomba U. and Ramesh S. R., 2016.  Biochemical and Behavioral Evaluation of Human MAPT Mutations in Transgenic Drosophila melanogasterBiochemical Genetics, 54(1):61-72. PMID:26581847
  15. Rasmi C. K., Mohan K., Madhangi M., Rajan K., Nongthomba U. and Partha Mondal, 2015. Limited Light Sheet Fluorescence Microscopy for 3D volume imaging. Applied Physics Letters, 107;263701. doi:10.1063/1.4938536
  16. Yumnamcha T., Roy D., Devi D. M. and Nongthomba U., 2015. Evaluation of developmental toxicity and apoptotic induction of the aqueous extract of Millettia pachycarpa using zebrafish as model organism. Toxicological and Environmental Chemistry. doi: 10.1080/02772248.2015.1093750. Link to abstract
  17. Mohan J., Firdaus H., Nongthomba U. and Ramesh S. R., 2015.  Beadex, the LIM Only protein in Drosophila is required for indirect flight muscle function.  International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications, 5: 1-8. Link to abstract
  18. Mohanty S., Jagannathan L., Ganguli G., Padhi A., Roy D., Alaridah N., Saha P., Nongthomba U., Godaly G., Banerjee S. and Sonawane A., 2015. A mycobacterial phosphoribosyltransferase promotes bacillary survival by inhibiting oxidative stress and autophagy pathways in macrophages and zebrafish. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 290(21):13321-43. PMID:25825498
  19. Firdaus H., Mohan J., Naz S., Arthi B. P., Ramesh S. R. and Nongthomba U., 2015. A cis-regulatory mutation in Troponin-I of Drosophila reveals the importance of proper stoichiometry of structural proteins during muscle assembly.  Genetics, 1:149-65. PMID:25747460
  20. Gautam R., Vanga S., Madan A., Gayathri N., Nongthomba U. and Umapathy S., 2015.  Differentiation of nemaline-myopathy and cardio-myopathy phenotypes in Drosophila model using Raman spectroscopy.  Analytical Chemistry, 87: 2187–2194. PMID:25583313
  21. Balasubramani S. P., Mohan J., Chatterjee A., Patnaik E., Kumar K. S., Nongthomba U., Padma Venkatasubramanian P., 2014.  Pomegranate enhances life-span and health-span in Drosophila melanogaster.  Frontiers in Public Health 2: 245. PMID:25566518
  22. Kairamkonda S. and Nongthomba U., 2014.  Beadex function in motor neurons is essential for female reproduction in Drosophila melanogaster.  PloS One, 9: e113003. PMID:25396431
  23. Singh S. H., Kumar P., Ramachandra N. B. and Nongthomba U., 2014.  Roles of the troponin isoforms during indirect flight muscle development in Drosophila.  Journal of Genetics, 93: 379–388. PMID:25189233
  24. Singh S.H., Ramachandra N.B. and Nongthomba U., 2014.  Identification of egg-derived tyrosine phosphatase as a potential biomarker for muscle ageing and degeneration in Drosophila melanogasterJournal of Genetics and Genomics, 41: 221–224. PMID:24780620
  25. Yumnamcha T., Nongthomba U. and Devi M. D., 2014.  Phytochemical screening and evaluation of genotoxicity and acute toxicity of aqueous extract of Croton tiglium L.  International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications, 4: 2579.
  26. Rai M., Katti P. and Nongthomba U., 2014.  Drosophila erect wing (Ewg) controls mitochondrial fusion during muscle growth and maintenance by regulation of the Opal-like gene.  Journal of Cell Science 127: 191–203. PMID:24198395
  27. Rai M. and Nongthomba U., 2013.  Effect of myonuclear number and mitochondrial fusion on Drosophila indirect flight muscle organization and size.  Experimental Cell research 319: 2566–2577. PMID:23830880