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Immunity Research


Role of novel genes in immune response of Drosophila melanogaster

infectedThe defense response upon infection is one of the most celebrated fields of research today. We, in our laboratory, make use of the powerful tools of genetics, on the fruit fly, to identify and characterize novel genes that play a role in conferring resistance to the host against pathogens

Identification of ageing networks in cytoraces of Drosophila and study of anti-ageing activities of certain medicinal plants

Ageing is an inevitable physiological process characterized by a progressive accumulation of damaged aberrant macromolecules and organelles in somatic cells during the post-developmental period, leading to decreased ability of the organism to survive. Ageing, long considered to be solely the result of wear and tear, is in fact regulated by specific genetic pathways. We are interested in dissecting the genetic network of ageing using two cytoraces of Drosophila and in checking the anti-ageing activities of some medicinally important plants from Manipur, India.